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Default WebMailer Beta 0.7 released

Default WebMailer Beta 0.7 is released.

Default WebMailer


Default WebMailer can set a webmail as the default e-mail program. More than 30 webmails such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and AOL Mail are available.

* For more information, see Default WebMailer Official Site.


Download Default WebMailer

Default WebMailer Beta 0.7

(2012-02-01, 184 KB, ZIP file)

* Free only for personal & non-commercial use. For continued use or commercial use, please donate $5 to support. Thanks!

Past Releases

Changes from Previous Version (0.6)

  • Inproved support for the following webmail services
    • Fixed a issue that mailto URL header is not recognized properly in Yandex.Mail (Full version)
    • Fully supports NAVER Mail that is beta in previous version
  • Added options feature
  • Improved mail link (mailto URL) handling
    • Fixed a issue that mail link confirm dialog have been garbled when mailto URL is with encoding other than UTF-8 (just UI problem)
    • Fixed a issue that subject/cc/bcc/to headers are not recognized properly when they are after mailto URL body (there is no problem when they are before body)
  • Some minor/trivial changes

New and Noteworthy

Added options feature

Options feature have been added to Default WebMailer. Now available options are only two but more options will be added in future version.

Default WebMailer - Options dialog

Pin to the Start menu (Windows XP/Vista)

If “Pin to the Start menu” option is checked in Options dialog, the webmail set as default e-mail program is pinned to the Start menu. Cliking E-mail link in Start menu, Web site (inbox) of webmail service will be opened with specified Web browser.

* This option is only available in Windows XP (Server 2003), Vista (Server 2008). And administrative privileges is required to enable this option.

Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo! Mail pinned to the Start menu (Windows Vista)

Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo! Mail pinned to the Start menu (Windows Vista)

Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo! Mail pinned to the Start menu (Windows XP)

Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo! Mail pinned to the Start menu (Windows XP)

Do not show mail link confirm dialog

If “Do not show mail link confirm dialog” option is checked in Options dialog, the following confirm dialog will be hidden when clicking mail links.

Default WebMailer - Mail link confirm dialog

Latest Information

The latest information including updates and documentation on Default WebMailer is available at the following URLs.

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