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Keyboard Keys Images

Keyboard Keys Images (Keyboard Layout)



“Keyboard Keys Images” is a set of free key images on the keyboard.

* Useful for tutorial, tips/how-to post, education, computer school, instruction, training, etc.



0.1 (2011-07-21)

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY)


Here is the part of images contained in “Keyboard Keys Images”.

Typing (Alphanumeric) Keys

Alphabet Key Image
Numeric Key Image
Symbol Key Image

Control Keys

Shift Key Image
Ctrl Key Image
Alt Key Image

Esc Key Image
Windows Key Image
Enter Key Image

Navigation Keys

Arrow Key Image
Home Key Image
Delete Key Image

Numeric Keypad

Num Lock Key Image
Enter Key Image
Numpad Key Image

Function Keys

Function Key Image

Keyboard Layouts

English (ANSI)

English (ANSI) Keyboard Layout Image

Japanese (JIS)

Japanese (JIS) Keyboard Layout Image


What is Creative Commons Attribution License?

In summary, you are free to do the following. But you must credit author for the original creation.

  • To copy, distribute, and display
  • To remix under different license
  • To make commercial use

* See the following pages for details.

How to create any key image

Paint any text on blank image (blank.png) contained in “Keyboard Keys Images”. (Arial font, bold, color is 696563)

Blank Image

There is not key image which you want

Create the image based on blank image (blank.png). Or request me via Contact page.

Support Me?

  • If you have any feedbacks or questions, visit Contact Me
  • If you like this clip art, please consider making a donation to support the development

Any comments will be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you for your support!

Creative Commons License

Keyboard Keys Images by attosoft is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License, and based on PC Keyboard Key Icons Set by Alan Kay.

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  2. […] Keyboard Keys Images is licensed under Creative Commons License. […]

  3. […] Keyboard Keys Images is licensed under Creative Commons License. […]

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