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Auto ThickBox Plus 1.8 Released

Auto ThickBox Plus plugin version 1.8 is released.

Auto ThickBox Plus


Auto ThickBox Plus is WordPress plugin that applies ThickBox script to your site automatically. ThickBox is commonly-used Lightbox-like plugin, and can overlay linked image, inline, iFramed and AJAX content on the page in simple effect.

* For more information, see Auto ThickBox Plus Official Site.

Changes from Previous Version (1.7)

  • NEW: The following options in “Action – Mouse Click – Image”
    • “Open” – You can click an image to open it in new tab/window.
    • “Download (beta)” – You can click an image to download it. This is experimental feature so I’m not sure whether it works on all server environments.
    • “Expand / Shrink” – You can expand an image to actual size then shrink it to fit window, and vice versa.
  • NEW: “Mouse Wheel – Image – Scroll” option and “Mouse Wheel – Background – Scroll/None” option
  • NEW: “View – Size – Window (Content) – Width/Height” option. You can change the default size of ThickBox window with non-image, and it can be overridden with width/height parameters in URL.
  • CHANGED: Modified “Mouse Wheel – Image – Scale” option. Uses calculated size instead of CSS3 transform so now it is not buggy in Drag & Drop action and it works at all browsers, and it scales only an image not ThickBox window.
  • CHANGED: Resizes ThickBox window with keeping aspect ratio when dragging corners. Then resize handle is shown at the bottom right corner for usability.
  • CHANGED: Uses spinner controls (input:number) instead of text fields (input:text) in options for entering numerical values. input:number is introduced in HTML5 so now it works only at Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.
  • FIXED: “Mouse Wheel” actions do not work in Firefox since some time
  • FIXED: “Mouse Wheel – Image – Scale” action do not work in “Single Image” style
  • FIXED: First click on ThickBox window is not detected after drag & drop in Opera
  • FIXED: Still conflicted with themes that has body { position: relative; } style such as iFeature in IE8 or earlier
  • UPDATED: Added Italian (it_IT) translation (props Gianni Diurno) and Swedish (sv_SE) translation (props Lukas Hausler)

  • v1.8, 2012-09-24, 311 KB
  • Free license (for personal & non-commercial, donate to support)
  • v1.8, 2012-09-24, 311 KB
  • Commercial license ($5.00)
  • Paid support (technical questions, customization, etc.)

Past Releases

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Any comments will be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you for your support!

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