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Auto ThickBox Plus 1.7 Released

Auto ThickBox Plus plugin version 1.7 is released.

Auto ThickBox Plus


Auto ThickBox Plus plugin is the improved version of Auto Thickbox plugin, with some extra features and bug fixes. It overlays linked images etc on the page in simple & fast effects.

* For more information, see Auto ThickBox Plus Official Site.

Changes from Previous Version (1.6)

  • NEW: “General – Auto ThickBox – WordPress Filters/JavaScript/Disabled” option. Auto ThickBox had worked only in content, excerpt, comments and widget tests due to WordPress filters (hooks). Now using JavaScript, the feature can work in whole page such as front page, header/footer, contents output by themes or other plugins. You can also disable it if unnecessary.
  • NEW: “Mouse Wheel (Scroll) – Image – Scale (beta)” option. This is experimental feature so it’s a little bit buggy in Drag & Drop action and it works only at modern browsers that support CSS3 transform such as IE9.
  • NEW: Enabled “Screen Options” menu to show/hide meta boxes in Options page
  • CHANGED: Improvements on custom <script>/<style> tags
    • Places not only thidkbox.js but also the custom tags depending on “General – ThickBox Resources – Header/Footer” option
    • Outputs <!-- Auto ThickBox Plus --> comment before the custom tags for readability
    • Combined multiple <script> tags output into one for readability
  • CHANGED: Changed “Gallery – Caption” item to “Image – Caption” item in “Text – Caption” option. Supports also image caption that is not in WordPress Gallery.
  • FIXED: Conflict with themes that has body { position: relative; } style such as iFeature
  • FIXED: Conflict with NextGEN Gallery 1.9.5 that declares #TB_window { z-index: 9999 !important; } style. By this code background has been in front of ThickBox window because background z-index is 10100 in Auto ThickBox Plus. Then all you can do is click background to close ThickBox window, and prev/next buttons and links do not work.
  • FIXED: PDF cannot be opened in IE and Firefox because “onload” event won’t be triggered (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Removes whitespaces from both ends of gallery caption (regression in v1.5)
  • FIXED: Improved Right-to-Left (RTL) support in Options page when using Persian and so on
  • FIXED: Workaround for the issue that Media Uploader does not work in WordPress 3.3.3 or later
  • FIXED: ‘First’/’Last’ are not translated in ThickBox window because WordPress translations are split into locale.pot and admin-locale.pot since WordPress 3.4. Thereby ‘First’/’Last’ had translated only in Options page.
  • UPDATED: Added Persian/Farsi (fa_IR) translation (props Mohammadi) and Spanish (es_ES) translation (props Juan Antonio Peon), and updated French translation (props JB Prevots) and Japanese translation

  • v1.7, 2012-08-01, 296 KB
  • Free license (for personal & non-commercial, donate to support)
  • v1.7, 2012-08-01, 296 KB
  • Commercial license ($5.00)
  • Paid support (technical questions, customization, etc.)

* See Installation if you want to know how to install.

Past Releases

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