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Auto ThickBox Plus 1.5 Released

Auto ThickBox Plus plugin version 1.5 is released.

Auto ThickBox Plus


Auto ThickBox Plus plugin is the improved version of Auto Thickbox plugin, with some extra features and bug fixes. It overlays linked images etc on the page in simple & fast effects.

* For more information, see Auto ThickBox Plus Official Site.

Changes from Previous Version (1.4)

  • NEW: “General – ThickBox Resources – Header/Footer” option. You can place ThickBox script in header/footer. For instance, select “Footer” at the option when you use Head JS.
  • NEW: “Effect – Title/Caption – Zoom/Slide/Fade/None” option. Title/caption can be showed/hidden by hovering the mouse over ThickBox window.
    • Added “Title/Caption – Hide initially” option
  • NEW: Multiline (line breaks) are supported in caption/title. LF (&#10;/&#x0A;), CR (&#13;/&#x0D;) and CRLF (&#13;&#10;/&#x0D;&#x0A;) codes in caption/title are replaced with <br />.
    • e.g. <a href="image.png" title="line1&#10;line2&#10;line3">
  • NEW: ThickBox accepts width/height/modal parameters in image content also
    • e.g. <a href="image.png?width=100&height=100&modal=true">
  • CHANGED: Supports a gallery that contains images with same URL. ThickBox had regarded images with same URL as one image. Now ThickBox checks images with an object instead of its URL.
  • CHANGED: Some improvements on “Mouse Click” action in a gallery that contains only one image
  • CHANGED: In iframe/ajax content, uses close keys set in options instead of fixed ESC key
  • FIXED: In Firefox, an image in a gallery that contains only one image cannot be opened under certain condition
  • FIXED: In iframe/ajax content, close key (ESC) cannot be disabled with modal parameter (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: anchor-utils filter does not detect an empty anchor tag (e.g. <a name="test"></a>), props Olivier Burgard. If an empty anchor tag is in front of a link, “thickbox” class won’t be added to the link then ThickBox window won’t be opened by clicking it. (Auto Thickbox bug)
  • FIXED: “Transparent” checkboxes cannot be unchecked when using Color Picker (regression in v1.1)
  • UPDATED: Dutch translation (props Michel Bats) and Japanese translation

  • v1.5, 2012-05-18, 246 KB
  • Free license (for personal & non-commercial, donate to support)
  • v1.5, 2012-05-18, 246 KB
  • Commercial license ($5.00)
  • Paid support (technical questions, customization, etc.)

* See Installation if you want to know how to install.

Past Releases

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Any comments will be very helpful and appreciated. Thank you for your support!

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