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Auto AnimateImage 0.5 Released

Auto AnimateImage 0.5 is released.

Auto AnimateImage


Auto AnimateImage is WordPress plugin that applies AnimateImage script to your site automatically. AnimateImage displays multiple images continuously like animated GIF. All you have to do is write `img` element like below, and the image will be animated automatically.

<img src="images/0.png" data-files="[0-9].png" />

* See Auto AnimateImage official site for more information.


  • Automatically applies AnimateImage script to your site
  • All you have to do is write img elements. No JavaScript, No Shortcode, No Gallery.
  • Common options and animation styles can be customized via Settings screen
  • Compatible widely down to even obsolete WordPress 2.7

* If you want to know features of AnimateImage script, see Auto AnimateImage plugin site or AnimateImage official site.

  • v0.5, 2012-09-20, 138 KB
  • Free license (for personal & non-commercial, donate to support)
  • animate-image.min.js is optimized and compressed code
  • v0.5, 2012-09-20, 144 KB
  • Commercial license ($5.00)
  • animate-image.js is uncompressed code with comments
  • Paid support (technical questions, customization, etc.)

Past Releases

  • Auto AnimateImage 0.4
  • Auto AnimateImage 0.3
  • Auto AnimateImage 0.2
  • Auto AnimateImage 0.1 (Initial release with AnimateImage v1.1.1)

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