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AnimateImage 1.1 Released

AnimateImage version 1.1 is released.

New API: AnimateImage.animate()
New API: AnimateImage.Animator

* Animations by JavaScript (script elements), using new API under AnimateImage namespace.


AnimateImage is a JavaScript library which displays multiple images continuously like animated GIF.

* For more information, see AnimateImage Official Site.

Changes from Previous Version (1.0.4)

Rewrote Completely as JavaScript Library

Rewrote code completely in JavaScript library quality. Program behavior is unchanged, but you need to replace filename and API names with new names.

  • Followed Google JavaScript Style Guide as much as possible
  • Renamed filename from animateImage.js to animate-image.js (from lowerCamelCase to hyphenated-lowercase)
  • Moved existing API under AnimateImage namespace
    • AnimateImage.Animator (corresponding to ImageAnimator in previous versions)
    • AnimateImage.animate() (corresponding to animateImage() in previous versions)
    • AnimateImage.options (corresponding to Animations in previous versions)
  • Avoided global variables pollution. AnimateImage namespace is only public global object.
  • Maintained comments. Rewrote them in JSDoc style.
  • Refactored code. Memory usage is reduced slightly by using prototype, not using closure and so on.

Code Improvements, Bug Fixes

  • Delays animation start until page load is complete when loading page. Start timing of animations between auto-apply img elements and JavaScript (script elements), is synchronized.
  • Improved handling when specified invalid format string in files (data-files) option. Using specified string as filename, animated images consisting of single image are generated. “404 Not Found” will occur but other animations will be processed normally.
  • Fixed a issue that class/style/event attributes cannot be specified to animated images in IE7 or earlier. The cause is proprietary specification of getAttribute()/setAttribute() in IE7 or earlier.
  • Fixed a issue that existence of img@class attribute cannot be detected correctly in IE7 or earlier. The cause is proprietary specification of getAttribute() in IE7 or earlier.
  • Fixed a issue that image size is fixed after showing blank image in browsers other than IE8 or earlier. width/height attributes are set when showing blank image, then had been remained without removed. Regression in v1.0.4.
  • Fixed the following issues about image size, occurred in IE8 or earlier
    • Specifying width/height attributes after creating ImageAnimator, specified values had not been reflected
    • Specifying img@src attribute before creating ImageAnimator, the image had been fixed to the size of first image
    • Invoking appendChild() before creating ImageAnimator, the image had been fixed to the size of first iamge


  • v1.1, 2012-09-13 v1.1.1, 2012-09-17, 5.6 KB
  • Free license (for personal & non-commercial, donate to support)
  • Optimized and compressed code
  • v1.1, 2012-09-13 v1.1.1, 2012-09-17, 22.4 KB
  • Commercial license ($5.00)
  • Uncompressed code with comments
  • Paid support (technical questions, customization, etc.)

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2 Responses so far.

  1. attosoft says:
    AnimateImage.options が undefined で使用できないバグを修正。v1.1 によるリグレッション。
  2. attosoft says:
    Fixed a issue that AnimateImage.options is undefined and cannot be used. Regression in v1.1.

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