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AnimateImage 1.0.4 Released

AnimateImage version 1.0.4 is released.

* Animated images are specified with sequential alphabet and comma separated values.


AnimateImage is a JavaScript code which displays multiple images continuously like animated GIF.

* For more information, see AnimateImage Official Site.

Changes from Previous Version (1.0)

Extended Format String to Specify Images

It has supported sequential alphabet and comma separated values in addition to sequential number.

Sequential Number
  • [0-9].png
  • [01-99].png
  • [001-999].png
Sequential Alphabet
  • [a-z].png
  • [A-Z].png
Comma Separated Values
  • [foo, bar, baz].png
  • [foo.png, bar.jpg, baz.gif]

data-files Attribute Accepts Directory Name

data-files attribute had accepted only file name, but now it can accept path to directory when specified directory name.

<img src="parent/child/image0.png" data-files="image[0-9].png" />
<img src="parent/child0/image.png" data-files="child[0-9]/image.png" />
<img src="parent0/child/image.png" data-files="parent[0-9]/child/image.png" />

Specifying Class Name to be Added to Blank Image

Class name of img element, added to blank image. class attribute is not added if empty. Default is “blank”.
Class name of img element, added to blank image (Animations.blankClassName in default)

* Use data-blankClassName attribute in auto-aply img elements.

Bug Fixes, Support for Lower Version of IE, Error Handling

  • Fixed a issue that width/height attributes are removed when changing the image (except for blank image). (regression in v1.0)
  • Workaround for a issue that width/height attributes are updated automatically in IE8 or earlier. It does nothing in other than IE8 or earlier.
  • Fixed a issue that empty alt attribute (alt=””) is/isn’t added. empty alt had been added when specified empty title, and empty alt had not been added even when specified empty alt.
  • Improved a behavior that animation starts from 2nd image when an image in src attribute and 1st image specified with data-files attribute are different. Now animation has started after overwriting src attribute with 1st image.
  • Fixed a JS error that had occured with trying to display 2nd image when there is only one image to animate. Now animation has not started when there is only one image.


  • v1.0.4, 2012-08-27, 5.5 KB
  • Free license (for personal & non-commercial, donate to support)
  • Optimized and compressed code
  • v1.0.4, 2012-08-27, 18.8 KB
  • Commercial license ($5.00)
  • Uncompressed code with comments
  • Paid support (technical questions, customization, etc.)

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