• AnimateImage 0.8 Released

    AnimateImage version 0.8 is released.

    Sample animation (start/stop/replay of animation)

    * You can play (replay) and stop (pause) the animation at any time with using Start/Stop/Replay buttons.


    AnimateImage is a JavaScript code which displays multiple images continuously like animated GIF.

    * For more information, see AnimateImage Official Site.


    • v0.8.0.3, 2011-08-29
    • Free license (for personal & non-commercial, donate to support)
    • Optimized and compressed code
    • v0.8.0.3, 2011-08-29
    • Commercial license ($5.00)
    • Uncompressed code with comments
    • Paid support (technical questions, customization, etc.)

    * animateImage.min.js is minified for performance (excluding comments and white spaces). If you want to get readable formatted source code, download animateImage.js.

    Changes from previous version (0.7)

    To start/stop/replay an animtion at any time, introduced ImageAnimator object to control an animation. See API Specification for details.

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4 Responsesso far.

  1. attosoft says:
    複数の投稿がまとめて表示されるブログなど複数ページが集約されている場合に、個別のページごとに自動生成される ID が競合する問題を修正
  2. attosoft says:
    引数 repeat に 0 (アニメーションしない) を指定してもデフォルト値で上書きしないように修正
  3. attosoft says:
    “0” で始まる連番が 8 進数と解釈される問題を修正。parseInt 関数に明示的に基数 10 を指定する。(連番に “08”, “09” を指定すると “0” と評価されていた)

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