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AnimateImage 0.8.3 Released

AnimateImage version 0.8.3 is released.

Sample animation (paused at the first image)
Sample animation (paused at the last image)
Sample animation (displays blank image)

* The left is paused at the first image (0), the middle is paused at the last image (9), and the right displays blank image at the last.


AnimateImage is a JavaScript code which displays multiple images continuously like animated GIF.

* For more information, see AnimateImage Official Site.

Changes from Previous Version (

Added the following properties to Animations object.

Whether pauses at the first image in animation. Default is false.
Whether pauses at the last image in animation. Default is false.
Whether displays blank image between animation cycles. Default is false.
If this option is true, animation images are fixed to the size of the first image. This is not availabe in IE7 or earlier because it uses transparent GIF image with data:url.
Animation cycle delay. To specify on the millisecond (ms). Default is 0.


  • v0.8.3, 2012-08-16, 2.3 KB
  • Free license (for personal & non-commercial, donate to support)
  • Optimized and compressed code
  • v0.8.3, 2012-08-16, 8.8 KB
  • Commercial license ($5.00)
  • Uncompressed code with comments
  • Paid support (technical questions, customization, etc.)

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