• Auto ThickBox Plus 1.9 公開

    Auto ThickBox Plus プラグイン version 1.9 を公開しました。

    Auto ThickBox Plus


    Auto ThickBox Plus は Web サイトに ThickBox スクリプトを自動的に適用する WordPress プラグイン。ThickBox は多くのサイトで使われている Lightbox ライクなプラグインで、リンク先の画像やインライン、iFrame、AJAX コンテンツをシンプルな効果でページ上にポップアップ表示することができる。

    ※ 詳細は Auto ThickBox Plus 公式サイトを参照。

    前バージョン (1.8) からの変更点

    • NEW: Mobile beta support for small-screen devices such as iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. This is experimental support so it may not work on some version of mobile browsers.
    • NEW: Enhanced Auto Resize feature so that it works even when resizing browser window, even when showing iframe/ajax/inline content. Then, changed “Enabled” option to “Image/HTML” option at “General – Auto Resize” setting.
    • NEW: “General – Mobile Support (beta)” setting that has “No Window Margin / No ThickBox” option and “Width/Height” option
    • NEW: “View – Margin – Window (Image/HTML)” option
    • CHANGED: Removed CSS hacks for IE6 from thickbox.css, by replacing CSS Expression with JavaScript
    • CHANGED: ThickBox window is displayed in the center of browser when resizing browser after resizing or drag-moving itself
    • CHANGED: Modified Settings screen
      • Added “Preview” links with ThickBox to “General – Display Style” setting
      • Defaults to “JavaScript” option instead of “WordPress Filters” option in “General – Auto ThickBox” setting, because ThickBox cannot be applied to codes output by current theme or plugins without using WordPress filters
      • Added “Image links to images” option to “General – Auto ThickBox” setting. It is useful when showing only image links with other than ThickBox.
      • Changed “Use WordPress built-in thickbox.js/css” checkbox to “Modified/Built-in ThickBox” drop-down list in “General – ThickBox Resources”
      • Replaced the word “Content” with “HTML”
    • FIXED: Invalid positioning on some mobile browsers such as older iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) and older Android, caused by not supporting position:fixed style.
    • FIXED: Title/caption bar misaligns by “Resize”, “Expand/Shrink” and “Scale” when using “Effect – Title/Caption” option
    • FIXED: ThickBox window is not displayed in the center of browser due to hovering title when using “Effect – Title” option
    • FIXED: Even unused key events are consumed (ThickBox bug)
    • FIXED: Gallery images cannot be displayed in gallery style with Cleaner Gallery


    • v1.9, 2012-10-11, 925 KB
    • 無料ライセンス (個人かつ非営利、寄付歓迎)
    • v1.9, 2012-10-11, 925 KB
    • 商用ライセンス (500 円)
    • 有償サポート (技術的な質問やカスタマイズなど)




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