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Auto ThickBox Plus 1.8 公開

Auto ThickBox Plus プラグイン version 1.8 を公開しました。

Auto ThickBox Plus


Auto ThickBox Plus は Web サイトに ThickBox スクリプトを自動的に適用する WordPress プラグイン。ThickBox は多くのサイトで使われている Lightbox ライクなプラグインで、リンク先の画像やインライン、iFrame、AJAX コンテンツをシンプルな効果でページ上にポップアップ表示することができる。

※ 詳細は Auto ThickBox Plus 公式サイトを参照。

前バージョン (1.7) からの変更点

  • NEW: The following options in “Action – Mouse Click – Image”
    • “Open” – You can click an image to open it in new tab/window.
    • “Download (beta)” – You can click an image to download it. This is experimental feature so I’m not sure whether it works on all server environments.
    • “Expand / Shrink” – You can expand an image to actual size then shrink it to fit window, and vice versa.
  • NEW: “Mouse Wheel – Image – Scroll” option and “Mouse Wheel – Background – Scroll/None” option
  • NEW: “View – Size – Window (Content) – Width/Height” option. You can change the default size of ThickBox window with non-image, and it can be overridden with width/height parameters in URL.
  • CHANGED: Modified “Mouse Wheel – Image – Scale” option. Uses calculated size instead of CSS3 transform so now it is not buggy in Drag & Drop action and it works at all browsers, and it scales only an image not ThickBox window.
  • CHANGED: Resizes ThickBox window with keeping aspect ratio when dragging corners. Then resize handle is shown at the bottom right corner for usability.
  • CHANGED: Uses spinner controls (input:number) instead of text fields (input:text) in options for entering numerical values. input:number is introduced in HTML5 so now it works only at Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.
  • FIXED: “Mouse Wheel” actions do not work in Firefox since some time
  • FIXED: “Mouse Wheel – Image – Scale” action do not work in “Single Image” style
  • FIXED: First click on ThickBox window is not detected after drag & drop in Opera
  • FIXED: Still conflicted with themes that has body { position: relative; } style such as iFeature in IE8 or earlier
  • UPDATED: Added Italian (it_IT) translation (props Gianni Diurno) and Swedish (sv_SE) translation (props Lukas Hausler)

  • v1.8, 2012-09-24, 311 KB
  • 無料ライセンス (個人かつ非営利、寄付歓迎)
  • v1.8, 2012-09-24, 311 KB
  • 商用ライセンス (500 円)
  • 有償サポート (技術的な質問やカスタマイズなど)




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